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About Me

Hi! My name is Mandy, wife to my soul mate and best friend, mother of two wild and creative little people living on Nova Scotia, Canada's misty shore. I am a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur following my heart... Photographer, Dancer, Poet, Writer, retired Naturopathic Doctor, Biologist, Healer, Intuitive, Mother...

Welcome Arms came forth through my love of life... My passion to connect and create, and my love for health and for people and their stories.

I revel in seeing the beauty, strength, light and love in my surroundings, and this guides me.  I connect through words and imagery and I teach tools including mindfulness, essential oil wellness and movement practices. I support and guide you through conversations and I listen, being a sounding board for you. I offer Reiki sessions, an ancient energy practice, that often opens up more discovery and healing of self. 

... to be seen and heard, to expand your mindset, to feel hope and health, to honor yourself, to embrace what makes your heart soar... this is where the underlying intentions of this community lies.

Why Join Me

I teach, offer tools and information, support and guide, listen and answer questions... but ultimately this community is for you to take from it whatever serves you best. 

Much love to you,


Much Gratitude

Thank you for your support. I am glad you are here!

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